"Your Hair Is Our Treasure"

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Commercial Integration: This service includes all techniques of weaving including sew-ins and quick weaves. Our weaves have a natural appearance.

Relaxers: We are trained to apply relaxers with little or no irritation, with a proper consultation. We will determine the degree of straightness that your hair can withstand so that your strands can stay healthy and full with body.   


Coloring: All of our color techniques are customized for each individual. We make sure that the clients' hair is healthy before its color treated.

Cutting: We use all tools and techniques so we can achieve any style you choose. A haircut is simply that, a haircut. So you will have a style even when it is not curled!


Textured(Relaxer Free): Whether you wear it pressed or naturally coiled or curled, it's your choice. We will accommodate you. The salon prides itself on the different techniques that can be done on textured hair.

Protective Styles: This include updos, rod and twist sets. In order to give your hair a rest from heat styling, you can choose any of these techniques. These options are available for relaxed or natural clients.

Make-Up: Weddings, proms, or special events in your life require you to enhance your natural beauty. Our make-up specialists  are trained to make you look as natural as possible.